PREMIERE | Rising House Producer Friendless Releases Upbeat Single “Lay Low” Ft. Xira


Australia has one of the hottest electronic music scenes right now, and its latest export, Friendless’ single “Lay Low” doesn’t disappoint.

Premiering exclusively on TSIS today, “Lay Low” features an alluring vocal performance by Xira and a tasty house beat on the chorus.

The track starts off relatively subdued, floating key strokes merging with Xira’s vocals as Friendless gears up for the first drop. And then we plunge into a jubilant chorus replete with an irresistibly dance-y drum beat. A tingly, melodic synth motif laces in and out of the background, adding depth to the track.

Friendless gave some insight into the song:

Lay Low is at its heart a love song, about stealing away and just escaping the world together. I wanted to give the track an energy that would be euphoric in a club and equally at home being cranked way up on a road trip.

If you want to join us in this dance party we’re having at our desks right now, you can stream this track below. Enjoy!

Friendless – Lay Low (feat. Xira)