FRQ NCY Explores More Melodic Territory On ‘Gems’ EP


FRQ NCY has developed a reputation for immaculate sound design and flawless mixdowns. Unbound to any one genre, he shows sonic range from dark and industrial to eclectic and vibrant. We recently premiered his glitchy bass single, “Always The Time,” and now the Atlanta-based producer is ready to drop his latest EP, Gems.

Five tracks of glitchy goodness showcase the beatmaker’s production skills on a whole new level, blending seamlessly one into another to tell a story full of unadulterated emotion, passion, and growth. The title track opens things up with a punching drum pattern, melodic harmonies, and glittering synths. “In Your Reality” maintains a melodic backbone but features a heart-pounding midtempo dance beat. Closing the EP is “Noon” which features a number of complex polyrhythms and anime-inspired vocal samples.

Stream FRQ NCY’s EP below and enjoy!

FRQ NCY – Gems