frumhere Releases Vulnerable New Lo-Fi LP ‘everybody’s type’

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Releasing one to three albums every year since 2017, it is clear that lo-fi producer frumhere has a deep love for music and a wealth of inspiration. Come 2022, the artist lands on the acclaimed label Nettwerk Music for the release of his tenth album to date, everybody’s type

everybody’s type is a dynamic, experimental journey. frumhere’s use of intimate electric pianos, soft drum kits, delicate guitar plucks, and sub-led bass lines unify the album into one cohesive project. However, each track still demonstrates its own unique sound and purpose, exhibiting frumhere’s meticulous intent from each tune to the next.

frumhere commented on the development of his project, saying:

In the beginning, I got a lot of people asking, ‘Where are you from? You sound like an East Coast producer,’ or ‘You sound like a West Coast producer,’. And I’d just tell them, ‘It doesn’t matter—I’m from here

You can stream everybody’s type at the link below, out everywhere via Nettwerk Music. Enjoy!

frumhere – everybody’s type