Fthmlss Is Inspired By the ‘Cycles’ of Water on Captivating Downtempo Album


UK-based producer, Fthmlss, has curated his own fresh and original style of melodic downtempo music with a wide range of influences, including hip-hop, electronica, ambient, jazz, and more. Today, he’s making his TSIS debut with his second full-length album, Cycles, out now via Folded Music.

Cycles focuses on a central theme of the water cycle, the various forms taken by the liquid, and its ever-changing properties as it relates to the earth and humanity. This concept is present throughout the entire album as Fthmlss creates expansive productions sculpted by the idea of water. There’s also an impressive versatility to the album as heard on the ambient leaning “New Age,” the jazztronica groove-filled “Overflow,” and the glitchy downtempo closer “Orka.”

Speaking on the project in his own words:

“‘Cycles’ follows the journey of water on its natural quest. As it falls from the sky onto the mountains and begins its journey into the ocean through various different paths, we immerse ourselves in its perspective. The album conceptualises the different forms and states that water takes on this journey, from high-energy waterfalls smashing through rocky cliffs to serene streams running through the meadows. This project is an ode to water and gives thanks to the life it provides on this peculiar planet.”

Fthmlss has proven more than capable of creating a highly creative and expansive downtempo body of work and Cycles only exemplifies his unique approach to music. Stream the entire album below and enjoy!

Fthmlss – Cycles