Fun. – Some Nights (Jakob Liedholm Arena Mix) : Must Hear Indie / House Remix [TSIS EXCLUSIVE]


Today I've got a MASSIVE house remix of another catchy single from the indie band fun. This house remix of 'Some Nights' is from Jakob Liedholm, the amazing 15 year old Swedish producer. Check out his remix of The Knocks or listen to his Gotye remix below if you missed it. Jakob might just be taking the necessary steps to become the new Swede on the block, especially with how young he is. For this arena remix he takes the catchy vocals and pumps it full of HUGE house energy. This track really is perfect for an arena.. or your bedroom. Either way, turn up this track that's sure to be an hit all summer long, enjoy!

Fun. – Some Nights (Jakob Liedholm 'Arena Mix') | Direct Download

BONUS Gotye – Somebody I Used To Know (Jakob Liedholm Remix) | Direct Download

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