Future Chess Club Makes His TSIS Debut With Melodic House Single “Get You High”


Artists with a clear vision for their music always seem to go the distance, passing through obstacles that come their way and breaking them down with ease. Today, anonymous producer, Future Chess Club, makes his debut on TSIS with a track that embodies these very ideals. With the goal of eventually creating a “safe place for people to exchange, share and collaborate,” the Swedish producer releases his first single “Get You High,” via¬†Unity Group.

Combining elements of house and electronica, “Get You High” centers around an airy vocal chop and upbeat groove. It glides from section to section with the use of ambient pads and a droning bass line, creating a sense of familiarity and comfort. A perfectly saturated arpeggio makes its introduction at the one minute, thirty second mark, gracefully sending the track into its closing bars. Beautiful new piano chords end “Get You High” on a peaceful, serene note.

Future Chess Club shared his inspiration behind his project, explaining:

I always felt different, in my own bubble. Future Chess Club for me was a way to share my feelings and emotions without showing who I really am. When I was younger I was part of a chess club and this was a really safe place for me, where I met people like me who became my friends. With this project I want to create a place where people can discuss, share their feelings and collaborate.

You can listen to Future Chess Club’s debut track “Get You High” at the link below. Enjoy!

Future Chess Club – Get You High