Future Utopia Shares Mesmerizing Psychedelia Album ‘We Were Still Are’


Fraser T. Smith is probably not a name that you’re familiar with but you’ve very likely heard his music. He’s been a producer and songwriter for acts like Adele, Sam Smith, Florence and the Machine, Drake, Gorillaz, and more. His latest endeavor is a psychedelic indie project that goes by the name Future Utopia which has just released their newest album We Were We Still Are.

Fraser’s Future Utopia moniker is a sonic exploration of psychedelia that draws comparisons to Tame Impala, Jungle and Khruangbin. We Were Still Are is filled with plenty of vocoders, synthesizers, groovy basslines, and hypnotic melodies to keep anyone stimulated. Joining Future Utopia on the album are TOMI, Biig Piig, and Kae Tempest.

We Were Still Are also contains a B-Side consisting of five club-focused “After Dark” edits. You can stream the entire album below. Enjoy!

Future Utopia – We Were Still Are