G Jones & Eprom Inject Bass into Koreless’s “Shellshock”

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The dynamic duo that is G Jones and Eprom have whipped up another brilliant collaborative effort. This time, it comes as a remix for Welsh producer, Koreless.

Koreless, as his name alludes to, creates music without the punctuation of kick drums or basslines. Given the intense nature of both G Jones and Eprom’s music, their remix of his iconic track “Shellshock” serves as a re-imagination. Their version injects heavy drums and some of their signature glitchy sound design into the pot, morphing it into a tune that will knock on a sound system.

This nifty edit first appeared on their back-to-back mixtape, Disk Doctors, which was released this past October.

You can listen to the new G Jones and Eprom take of “Shellshock” by Koreless below. Enjoy!

Koreless – Shellshock (G Jones & Eprom Edit)