RL Grime Takes On G Jones’s “In Your Head” With Massive New Edit

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Rarely do we see a combination of two such high caliber artists on a track. G Jones and RL Grime may be some of the most highly praised producers in bass music, and today RL has graciously released one of his most sought after live edits, his flip of G Jones’s “In Your Head.” 

As if G Jones’s “In Your Head” wasn’t massive enough, RL Grime had to come in and do it even dirtier. The changes are subtle, but even the slightest little stutter during the first measure of the drop is enough to send a crowd into a frenzy. 

The thirst is finally quenched. This edit comes as an official release via RL Grime’s Sable Valley record label. Check it out below and enjoy!

G Jones – In Your Head (RL Grime Edit)