G Jones Releases Final Single “That Look In Your Eye” Off Debut Album


The rollout of G Jones’s highly anticipated debut album, The Ineffable Truth, is nearly complete. It’s been over three months since he began the rollout, and he’s just released the fourth and final single off the album. It’s called “That Look In Your Eye,” and it’s much different than the singles we’ve heard already.

The previous singles, “Understanding The Possibility,” “In Your Head,” and “Time” were primarily focused on intense anticipation and heavy impact, but this new track takes a separate route. It sounds like G Jones took a specific approach when writing “That Look In Your Eye,” aiming to evoke certain emotions by channeling most of the energy through certain chords and melodies. The result is a mental state that he had not yet touched on the previous tracks, and it’s stunning.

Of course, as with the other Ineffable tracks we’ve heard already, “That Look In Your Eye” features even more game changing sound design. G Jones has also claimed that this is his favorite song off the forthcoming album, which is supposedly due out late October. Strap yourselves in.

Listen to “That Look In Your Eye” below and enjoy!      

G Jones – That Look In Your Eye