G Jones Shares Experimental Bass Single “Time” Off New Album


G Jones is raising the bar in realm of bass music. If you haven’t been following thus far, G Jones is about to drop his new album, The Ineffable Truth. The first two singles that he’s released already have been “UNDERSTANDING THE POSSIBLITY” and “IN YOUR HEAD,” two amazing pieces of futuristic, mind twisting music, and easily some the best we’ve heard from G Jones.

Last night G Jones dropped another bomb on us, “Time,” a track that he’s been itching to release for a minute. While the previous singles were indisputable, gut punching bangers, “Time” plays out a bit differently. It only takes 90 seconds for this track to earn its dinger certification, but as “Time” progresses, you realize that this is more than your average bass track.

Six minutes is quite a long running time within this genre. “Time” transcends those boundaries by seemingly fitting in three different acts into one song. After two minutes of heavy bass, “Time” seems to come to a halt, transitioning into a beautiful flute melody — something that would fit perfectly into a Legend Of Zelda soundtrack. After two more minutes of lush, ethereal instrumentation, G Jones flips that melody into an insane bass line, reprising the first part of the track.

It’s clear that G Jones is ahead of the game on almost every level. His composition alone has us dying to hear what else he has in store for The Ineffable Truth.

Stream “Time” below. Enjoy!

G Jones – Time