G Mills Embarks on a Hazy Lofi Daydream with ‘Gates’ EP

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Deep in the concrete jungle of Brooklyn, New York there resides a producer by the name of G Mills. The rising producer/ drummer has taken his formal education in jazz, classical, and audio engineering and fine-tuned it into a library of pristine lofi gems. Today, G Mills helps us gracefully slide into this final stretch of the year with his new EP, Gates.

If you’re one of Mills’ hundreds of thousands of listeners, then you know exactly how lush his sound can be. If this is your first time hearing the Brooklyn producer, you are in for a real treat. This latest project effortlessly creates a sonically calm yet emotionally complex space for us to reside for the next ten minutes. According to Mills, this EP was as therapeutic to make as it is to listen to, saying:

I chose the title ‘Gates’ because I lived on Gates Ave in Brooklyn for the majority of the pandemic, which is where I created much of this EP. Besides the obvious reason for the title, I was also finding myself having to get through many mental gates at the time. Especially at the beginning and height of the pandemic, I was overwhelmed with feelings of isolation,  anxiety,  indecision,  and lack of direction. Family, friends, zoom, video games, hikes, working out, cocktails, TV were all things that got me through this time, but a huge one was music, and more specifically, making this EP. It helped free my mind of all the stresses of the world and helped me feel grounded, productive, and fulfilled.

While this is not a holiday-focused collection, the nostalgic timbre makes this offering an excellent reflective vibe perfect for the end of the year. Stream G Mills’ new EP, Gates, below. Enjoy!

G Mills – Gates