G-Roy Beesting’s Sample-Based Hip-Hop Production Thrives on “My Everything”


One of the best things about this generation of Soundcloud artists is the ability for them to be heard by anyone near and far no matter how many plays they might have. Today we’ve had the pleasure of discovering sample-based hip-hop beatmaker G-Roy Beesting who comes to us by way of Leeds, England. It’s easy to hear the J Dilla influence in his tracks and his latest single “My Everything” is no exception. The song starts out with a lightly touched-up Millie Jackson sample that creates a chilled out tone for the rest of the track to work around. A soulful drum kit drives the track along with some tasteful piano and string loops and creates vibe that has us hooked.

G-Roy Beesting only started uploading his soulful beats last year and if these tracks are just the beginning then we can’t wait to hear what more he has in store for us. Stream “My Everything” below and enjoy!

G-Roy Beesting – My Everything