G-Space Breaks Through with Genre Jumbling Album ‘The Path Of Least Resistance’


Every year, G-Space drops an album on his birthday. And to keep with tradition, the talented producer graced fans with The Path of Least Resistance, the first release on his own Iceberg Productions label. The album is blowing fans away with how eclectic and kitschy this sound is, as he veers between genres with a whirlwind of instruments and sound textures. Each song on this record is completely unique and has its own flair—some indie, some ambient, and some bass still for his long-time listeners. 

These tracks encompass a vast range of sonic elements, and G-Space said he composed the album to hopefully be played by a symphony one day. It features guitar keys, violin, autotuned vocals, and his signature piano wubs. Differences and “The Road is So Cold” are more alternative tracks with calming chord progressions and a playful, thumping drum beat. “Lucy Drippin” and “G-Shuffle” provide a dose of his quintessential wubs and glitchy bass, as does the down-tempo closer “Plasma”. Some of the more somber songs, like “I Been Depressed” and “Are You Reminded” show off just how far his musical capacity goes. 

The Path of Least Resistance has guest features from Tiedye Ky, Ruku, Miss Tiddy, Uncle Mike, and more. You can listen below. Enjoy!

G-Space – The Path of Least Resistance