Italian Duo Gaetano Deliver Debut with Funky Deep House Single “A Bigger Splash”


There has been an abundance of fun new music this summer, and we’re stoked to introduce a brand new artist known as Gaetano with their first single, “A Bigger Splash.”

The single serves as a preview to their upcoming LP Backpack and is the perfect addition to your summer playlist. The track was made with both analog and digital machines, showing the evolution of EDM music through a span of 40 years. It gives the listener a unique experience through quirky sound bites layered over a deep house beat. Here’s how the duo described their inspiration for this new project:

Gaetano is born from the courage of the clumsy people who haven’t found their place in the world yet, but have the gut to experience life with the vital curiosity of a child. We turn mistakes into music.

We’re definitely looking forward to the release of their upcoming LP, but until then we’ll be jamming to “A Bigger Splash” below. Enjoy!

Gaetano – A Bigger Splash