Gallant Shines On Smooth, Soulful New R&B Song “Doesn’t Matter”


Gallant has a one-of-a-kind voice that always finds a way to amaze his. He's just recently returned with new music on "Gentlemen" and keeps the new releases coming on another song "Doesn't Matter" that we already can't get enough of. 

He never fails to impress with his falsetto and this new one is no different. Gallant has different tones of his voice that he puts on full display here, sounding perfect thoughout. His silky falsetto is as impressive as his softer tone with songwriting impressive as always. Here he makes use of a chill instrumental with skittering, trap-inspired hi-hats and melodic undertones for Gallant to shine atop. With these two coming in a row so soon we're hoping this means he has an album on the way. Enjoy!

Gallant – Doesn't Matter