Ganja White Night Unleashes New Dubstep Album ‘Dark Wobble’

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It’s only fitting that Ganja White Night drop their new studio album on 4/20. The Belgian duo has just delivered their new 10-track project, Dark Wobble. This is GWN’s ninth album (they’re debut album was back in 2010), further cementing them as one of the dubstep’s most prolific acts.

This album is full of epic moments, from the cinematic and fantastical elements to the gritty low end snarls that we just can’t get enough of. Any dubstep fan is going to want to give this one a spin.

Ganja White Night really created their own little world here, and Dark Wobble is the soundtrack to the light and darkness battling inside that world.

You can stream Ganja White Night’s Dark Wobble below. Enjoy!

Ganja White Night – Dark Wobble