House Boss Gene Farris Proves He’s “Mr Everybody” with Thumping New Track


One of the OGs, Gene Farris has been house music royalty for longer than some of us EDM fans have been alive. To put it simply, he knows what he’s doing, and it’s evident in every single beat melody he makes. The self-taught Chi-town legend’s knack for shaking things up is on full display with his latest single, “Mr Everybody”, which came out this weekend on his personal imprint, Farris Wheel Recordings

For this complete and utter bop, he takes the 90s R&B hit “Hey Mr. DJ” by duo Zhané and transforms it into a funky and frenzied house flip. He throws a bouncy, infectious four-on-the-floor groove underneath the impassioned vocals for an electrifying touch. His stylistic use of synths and hi-hats adds some funk to the rhythm, like icing on a disco cake. And the final drop… it’s just something that you are just going to have to experience for yourself. 

Press play below to start groovin’ to the track. Enjoy!

Gene Farris – Mr Everybody