Gesaffelstein Shares Highly Anticipated New Album ‘Hyperion’

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It’s been since 2013 that we were blessed with the magic of Gesaffelstein’s incredible debut album Alpeh. Then, he essentially went dark, not releasing anything for years. In the past few months it was announced that he signed with Columbia Records and had an album on the way while he delivers singles “Reset” “Lost In The Fire” featuring The Weeknd and most recently “Blast Off” featuring Pharrell.

Now his full album Hyperion is finally here.

With the release of “Reset” the hype was real. I couldn’t wait to hear what the elusive artist had been working on as his follow up to one of my favorite electronic albums. He’s always shined on his own instrumental tracks with music ahead of his time, so when I saw he was working with vocals, I was definitely skeptical. His collaboration with The Weeknd had me confused as it sounded like a Weeknd song produced by Gesaffelstein, rather than a Gesaffelstein song featuring The Weeknd. Then he shared his unfortunate song with Pharrell and I was worried.

I was thinking maybe he was better working on instrumentals than with vocalists, but then I heard “So Bad” featuring HAIM and “Forever” featuring The Hacker & Electric Youth and was pleasantly surprised at how he was able to capture his striking sound design while allowing the guest vocalists to shine. The album as a whole doesn’t feel as cohesive as Aleph, but the high points like “Vortex” showcase just how talented and forward thinking he is.

Check out the full album below and enjoy!

Gesaffelstein – Hyperion