Getter Descends Into Low-End Madness In Chaotic New EP ‘NAPALM’

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Getter has officially returned! The prolific producer stepped out of the EDM spotlight for a time, focusing on his hip-hop alter ego, Terror Reid, and today, after dropping hints for the past couple months, the LA artist reclaims his title as the Baron of Bass with a spine-tingling new EP titled, NAPALM.

This project goes straight for the throat. Getter harnesses a narcotic downtempo creep and blends it with his fully-charged production to send us into head-spinning madness that feels so right. You may want to locate the nearest psych ward before cranking this up, cuz I promise you won’t be OK for weeks.

We love seeing artists like Getter branch out and experiment with new kinds of music, but no doubt we’ve so missed his more calamitous ways. No need to fear, bass fueled Getter is here. Stream his reckless new EP, NAPALM, below. Enjoy!