Getter & Nick Coletti Auctioning Off Original “Suh Dude” Video as NFT

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One of the most iconic Vine videos (RIP) of all time has been minted as an NFT. Getter and Nick Colletti‘s “Suh Dude” video, one that inspired a song by the same name, is officially up for grabs over on Foundation.

The release is simply a looped version of the original seven second video. At the time of this post, there’s just over five hours remaining in the auction, and the current highest bid is at 5.00 ETH, which is equal to $10,607.95.

The description of the listing is as follows:

Suh Dude became a viral phenomenon in 2015. Originally created by vine stars “Nick colletti” and “Tanner Getter”. Shortly after the meme was posted, “Suh Dude” quickly became apart of everyone’s vocabulary.

By owning the authenticated Suh Dude NFT, you will be owning a original piece of internet history.

original Suh Dude video being auctioned as an NFT! @withFND

— Nick Colletti (@Nick_Colletti) April 6, 2021