Getter Confirms He’s Moving On From EDM & Announces Next Album Titled ‘VISCERAL’


It’s no secret that there's been a lot of controversy surrounding Getter lately. As an artist that originally made a name for himself producing bass music, fans have always been noticeably divided over not only his transitions between riddim and dubstep, but also his evolution throughout trap, future bass, hip-hop/rap and even metal. As Getter announced over a year ago that he would be leaving EDM as soon as his album was ready, today we’ve received some bittersweet news: Getter’s forthcoming album will be titled VISCERAL and yes, he’s ready to leave EDM. 

Having recently teamed up with Ghostemane on a collaborative Dahlia I EP, Getter has been switching things up monumentally with his recent few singles “Solo” “Big Mouth” and “Colorblind” – two of which (Solo & Colorblind) Getter has confirmed will be on his forthcoming album. But as his sound has been changing, so has his attitude surrounding EDM. 

“I wouldn’t say I’m quitting EDM. I’m just kind of graduating. Like you’d never hear my EDM stuff in a movie or a commercial, unless it was a party scene or a race car driving scene. I’m trying to make music that could be in space movies, or a scene where Brad Pitt is making out with Angelina in the fucking rain, you know? Just some pretty shit.” – Getter via Dancing Astronaut

Although it’s hard to deal with the polarity of Getter’s album being the end of his EDM days, with endeavors like Terror Reid, Shred Collective and more, we know that we still have a lot to look forward to from Getter in the future. Enjoy!

remember the power u have as an audience.
without an audience there is no act.

— GEDDER (@GetterOfficial) March 17, 2018

im tellin u my album will change everything. never been so passionate bout something in my life

— GEDDER (@GetterOfficial) September 11, 2017