GG Magree Shines A Light On Personal Empowerment with New Single “King”

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Today, triple-threat producer, writer, and performer, GG Magree, shares her newest single, “King.” The Australian-born artist takes a much-needed moment to shine a light on the injustices that women face in society. The anthemic track makes its debut via Monstercat.

GG Magree shows off her iconic, gritty vocals at the intro of “King,” singing “Look at me I’m smiling/beautiful and violent/welcome to your last nightmare.” Continuing the dark vibes set by Magree’s lyrics, a saturated, intense bass drop kicks the track up a notch. “King” seamlessly fuses rock and bass influences together, creating a powerful mashup with the sound Magree calls “rocktronic.”

GG Magree shared the meaning behind “King,” commenting:

‘King’ is the ultimate anthem for personal empowerment. When women excel we should be awarded the same accolades and titles as our male counterparts. If a woman reigns supreme in her field, then she has earned the title of King. This song is a tribute to the idea that anyone can be a king.

You can stream “King” at the link below, out everywhere via Monstercat. Enjoy!

GG Magree – King