Glassio Unveils Long-Awaited Debut Album ‘For The Very Last Time’

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NY-based artist Glassio has been doing something truly unique in the sonic sphere of new-wave. Having amassed a wealth of impressive releases over the last five+ years, the Irish-Iranian phenom has unveiled his long-awaited debut album For The Very Last Time.

As we had the pleasure of introducing the multi-talented producer to the site with his recent single “A Million Doubts“, we’re beyond excited to now lay ears on his anticipated full project. Featuring a whimsical mash of buoyant synth-focused bops, booming emotional ballads and everything in-between, dream-pop fans of all types are sure to find something to love about this LP.

Get ready to be transported to a shimmering dreamland when you hit play on this. Stream Glassio’s For The Very Last Time below and enjoy!

Glassio – For The Very Last Time