Glimji Releases Funky, Carefree Dance Single “A Gem So Precious”


London-based electronic artist, Glimji, takes inspiration from his UK garage and trance influence on his new single “A Gem So Precious.” The production prowess of the 23-year-old producer holds strong, as his fourth single to date is truly a gem (so precious).

The track, beginning with sparkly, entrancing synths and hooky vocals, builds to a wonderfully nostalgic drop we could listen to all day. Its driving, funky beat, accompanied by tight, syncopated rhythms is truly a match made in heaven. Glimji’s sound is so familiar, yet so unique. His creative blend of influence and creativity makes this track so special.

Glimji explains how he strikes this balance, commenting

I miss the 90/00’s period where we were exploring new things, new trends just by thinking about the future, I’m part of this people who are more excited by tomorrow than what’s happening today. The creative vision of artists can have a real cultural and social impact but we need to take risks.
You can listen to Glimji’s new track, “A Gem So Precious” out May 6, at the link below! Enjoy!