Glimji & jamesjamesjames Bring Early 2000s Rave Energy with “Rush”


There’s a major house and techno revival happening in music right now, whether it be in mainstream acts experimenting with it, or underground artists adding their own flair. Producers Glimji and jamesjamesjames fall into the second camp, bringing a neon-tinted y2k rave dream to life with their new single “Rush.”

“Rush” is an irresistibly catchy bop. A bubblegum melody washes over the track as a pop-y vocal chop echoes in the background. It flows seamlessly, incorporating elements of hyper pop and UK garage with a euphoric rave vibe typical of the early aughts. All the while, a stomping techno beat drives us forward, causing time to blur until suddenly we’re at the end of the track, necessitating an instant repeat.

It’s obvious how much fun these two artists had on this track. Glimji had this to say about “Rush”: 

This track means the world to me as it brought me and James together as close friends, and developed a trust and a working relationship that I’ve never had with another artist. I think you’ll be hearing more from us together before long.

And jamesjamesjames chimed in, quoting Paris Hilton:

I, like, cry, when I listen to it, it’s so good. 

If our review wasn’t enough to sell you on “Rush,” surely those two quotes will. Make sure to check it out below. Enjoy!

Glimji & jamesjamesjames – Rush