Godford Announces New Album With Euphoric Single “High and Lonely”


Anonymous French DJ and tastemaker, Godford, makes music that represents a revival of rave influences and a focus on experimentation with new musical concepts. Having last made an appearance on the site with their immersive “Non Binary Place,” we’re happy to be sharing some news from the exciting producer. Godford has announced their second album, I YOU SHE, with the release of the first single, “High and Lonely.”

The track is about feeling alone in a relationship, and the euphoric feelings of sadness that come with that. Godford juxtaposes warm, angelic vocals with energetic percussion to build a hypnotizing soundscape. Drawing on rave and breakbeat influences, “High and Lonely” provides a glimpse into the ever growing creative mind of the enigmatic producer.

Stream the single below and enjoy!

Godford – High and Lonely