PREMIERE | French Tastemaker Godford Shares Title Track From Upcoming LP ‘A Non Binary Place’


We are excited to present Godford, the project of a French DJ and tastemaker who remains anonymous in hopes that their music will speak for itself. Godford’s music represents a revival of rave influences and a focus on experimentation with new musical concepts.

Non Binary Place” is an immersive track, driven by industrial breakbeat percussion that underlies atmospheric piano chords and nostalgic vocals. It’s minimal but compelling, a track that progresses organically when so much music feels formulaic and rushed.

Godford’s arrival is aptly timed in a year where we’ve seen influences from early rave music creep its way into more than a few genres. We’re excited to see what is in store for this enigmatic producer as they share their unique musical vision and give listeners a chance to experience music in its purest form.

“Non Binary Place” is the newest single and title track from the artist’s upcoming debut album, which arrives on September 25 via Pack Records. Check it out below. Enjoy!

Godford – A Non Binary Place