Golden Vessel Helps Us Escape With New Lo-Fi Pop Track “Midwest”

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Last year, we were turned on to Australian artist, Golden Vessel, with the release of his debut album, SLOWSHINE. Today, the young Aussie returns to the site with the release of the a new single titled, “Midwest,” coming from his new album, Colt. We loved his writing approach to pop music last year, and this new track reminds exactly why we’re such fans of the up-and-comer.

This track’s beauty is in its simplicity. A simple kick, a couple plucking guitars, and GV’s subtle singing are all thats needed to convey a very present feeling of escapism. As you lightly bob to the kick, one can’t help but get wrapped up in the lyrics searching for a way out, for something bigger than the town we’ve always known.

We love seeing artists take the reigns and blaze a path of their own through unique music. When you faithfully go where the music pulls you, you get beautiful nuggets of gold such as this. Stream Golden Vessel’s new single, “Midwest,” below. Enjoy!

Golden Vessel – Midwest