PREMIERE | Golden Vessel Showcases His Unique Brand Of Lo-Fi Pop On Debut Album ‘SLOWSHINE’

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We’re loving how some artists today are taking pop music and doing things with it that many mainstream, radio-friendly musicians aren’t willing to do. Pop almost always has catchy melodies or lyrics, but often lacks that soulful substance that really resonates with us. Golden Vessel is crafting his own brand of lo-fi pop music that certainly has that substance, in addition to his textured and intelligent beats.

Today, Golden Vessel makes his TSIS debut with the drop of his 10-track debut LP, SLOWSHINE. The Aussie musician approaches this style of music in a similar way that Medasin does, pairing his unique, infectious production style with talented (and underrated) vocalists that help flesh out the track into a cohesive work of art.

There’s not a single skippable track on this album. Once you hit play on SLOWSHINE, it all starts to click for the listener, and you’ll be immersed in Golden Vessel’s sound for the full project. See his tour dates here as well.

Stream the new debut album by Golden Vessel and friends below and enjoy!

Golden Vessel – SLOWSHINE | Fanlink