PREMIERE | Goose Bolton Finds Slick Grooves With “Once You Hit It / Pastel Bubble”


A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of discovering and premiering mysterious newcomer Goose Bolton to the site with his lo-fi track “Flyover.” Well we haven’t had to wait too long to be graced by some more of his laid-back beats. He’s released “Once You Hit It / Pastel Bubble” which comes to us as a two-track medley.

The two relaxed tracks achieve easy, slick grooves without sacrificing any pelvic impact. “Once You Hit” is a tranquil downtempo tune led by a slick guitar driven melody. Cascading synths and vocal filters guide the tune along giving it some life. “Pastel Bubble” maintains that same relaxed feel but manages to inject some more energy into the mix. A lo-fi groovy bassline provides the backbone of the song as an airy choir melody dances on top. The two tracks work great together and have us craving more relaxed bliss from this curious producer.

Stream Goose Bolton’s new tracks “Once You Hit It / Pastel Bubble” below. Enjoy!

Goose Bolton – Once You Hit It / Pastel Bubble