Gorilla Warfare Tactics – Temptations + The Tale of Mr Street: TOO SICK NEW CHILL HIP-HOP


Today I've got a group that's surprisingly new to the hip-hop scene, yet sound like they've been key players in the game for year. I bring you Gorilla Warfare Tactics. This 2 piece act (Kid Dilla on rhymes and CakexCrumbs on production) from New York have got their shit down. There first single 'Temptations' has got a real solid beat with some classic sounding samples, and the flow of rapping goes flawlessly with it. I could keep going on about the first song, but it's just so good just download it and enjoy. Now their second single also just recently dropping is just as sick. It's got some classic sounding sampling which you can see kind of shapes their overall sound. This second song 'The Tale of Mr. Street' is definitely got a more chill low temp serious tone. Theses two songs sound like the first 2 tracks off my new favorite hip-hop album. Chill out and enjoy!

Temptations – Gorilla Warfare Tactics | Download

The Tale of Mr Street – Gorilla Warfare Tactics | Download

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