Gorillaz Announce New ‘Gorillaz Almanac’ Book For Their 20th Anniversary


It’s been a whole 20 years since the Damon Albarn-led musical project Gorillaz released their first album. To celebrate, the virtual band is releasing the Gorillaz Almanac, a hardcover book that features original art from Jamie Hewlett, as well as comic strips, puzzles, games, and more. It comes via a partnership with Z2 Comics.

Gorillaz are in the midst of an epic album rollout for their forthcoming project Song Machine. Check out the recent singles “How Far?,” “Aries,” “Desolé,” and “Momentary Bliss.”

The book is set for release on October 16. For more info on the book’s release, follow this link here.

Meet the Gorillaz Almanac 🏳
Coming to a store near you
👀 https://t.co/jXCZV2fWPd pic.twitter.com/qk12FBD2Cw

— gorillaz (@gorillaz) May 26, 2020