Stream And Download Gorillaz New 26-Track Album ‘Humanz’


After many months of anticipation built up from our favorite cartoon band, Gorillaz have finally released Humanz, their first album since 2011. We witnessed one of the most insane album rollouts we've ever seen with this album including an augmented reality app, multimedia stories on the cartoon band members, and dropping four singles at once among many other non-conventional efforts. While the hype levels for this project were astronomical, we can safely say that Damon Albarn and his collaborators do not disappoint.

The list of featured artists on the album is immense, with notable standouts from D.R.A.M., De La Soul, Pusha T, and Vince Staples. Each of these artists brings their own style to the track and meshes it with the unique sound Gorillaz have established over the past 16 years. While we have already heard six singles from the album, the 26 total tracks on the Deluxe Edition allow for tons of new material for everyone to listen to. The vocal interludes help to create a project that feels full and cohesive, and begs to be listened to from start to finish. 

If you are a Gorillaz fan, these first few months of 2017 have been awesome to follow. Between surprise shows, a live on-camera interview with the cartoon members, a TV show announcement, and curating festivals on top of their North American tour, this more than makes up for their years of absence. Listen to the Deluxe Edition in full below and enjoy! 

Gorillaz – Humanz | iTunes