Gramatik Unveils An 8-Track Masterpiece With New Album, ‘Re:Coil, Pt: II’

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Gramatik has been on a roll this year releasing tracks on tracks on tracks. The Slovenian born legend started his 2019 with his wonderfully percussive single, “Puff Your Cares Away,” followed it with the face-melting yet sultry sax filled, “Better Believe It Now,” with Big Gigantic, and most recently teamed up with Anomalie and Waka Flocka Flame on the hype af “Requiem For Piece.”  Well ladies and gents, today we finally get to see what all this hard work has been leading to: Gramatik’s newest album, Re:Coil, Pt: II.

The album is a straight up saucy as showcase of the crazy eclectic sounds and themes Gramatik utilizes to make the most original tracks, all the while maintaining that gritty electro funk vibe that no one does better. Looking for something wonky and gut-punching, he’s got you covered with “Vitalik Buterin,” and “Better Believe It Now.” Wanna get movin’ and grooving? Look no further than “Don’t Give Up,” “Don’t Mind It VIP,” and “Funk It VIP.” Or if you’re just looking to witness the seemingly endless diversity of Gramatik’s production talent, check out “Requiem For Piece,” “Puff Your Cares Away,” and “Saturnia.” There truly isn’t a skippable track on Re:Coil, Pt: II, that is perfectly fine with me. Enjoy!

Gramatik – Re:Coil, Pt: II