French Duo Grand Soleil Craft Expansive Electronic Journey On New LP ‘Human Error’


Even though it seems as though there couldn’t possibly be any more talent pouring out of the seams of French music, we’ve been proven wrong with yet another ear worming discovery. Grand Soleil are two brothers who boast an eclectic taste in music ranging from hip hop to techno and draw influences in their sound from artists like Fatboy Slim, Flying Lotus and Daft Punk. In addition to their affection for spacey retro, they tend to integrate samples of film dialogues, video games, Japanese animation, and sci-fi. Their latest offering is the 13-track album, Human Error, finds the duo in their prime and is packed with all sorts of surprises.

Human Error is an evolving album: a journey that starts in the light and heads towards the darkness. The album has influences of all kinds ranging from techno-driven synth melodies, robotic vocoders, jazzy dance breaks, to hip-hop inspired rhythms. And of course, it wouldn’t be complete without Grand Soleil’s signature nods and references to sci-fi and film throughout. All these elements are all so intertwined with one another creating a truly diverse body of work that only two brothers on the same wavelength could hope to accomplish.

Stream Grand Soleil’s Human Error, which comes out via NOWADAYS Records below and enjoy!

Grand Soleil – Human Error