Gravy and the Biscuits – Soul Food : Chill Acoustic / Hip Hop / Soul EP

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Today I'd like to bring you a very well made 7 song EP that I've been holding off on posting till today, Thanksgiving, because of this groups hilariously awesome name. I'd like to present you Gravy and the Biscuits, a 3 piece acoustic powered hip hop / funk  group that's got a unique feel good sound. They're based out of Nashville, TN, the same place the electronic powered band Cherub is from.  The live instruments sound great, on top of the soulful John Mayor like singing and then the clever rhymes all together for such a great blend that sounds just right. These three are from the dorms of Belmont University, and although it sounds like the recording quality could be a little better, it's a very impressive catchy EP, that shows a very bright future for the young trio. All the tracks a great on here, download asap. Check out the refreshing glass of live instruments, singing, and rapping that fills a void you didn't know was there. Enjoy!

Gravy and the Biscuits – Soul Food | Direct Download | Hulkshare

Gravy and the Biscuits – That Sunset | Direct Download

Gravy and the Biscuits – Deep Dish | Direct Download

Gravy and the Biscuits – Soul and Mind | Direct Download