GREEN PICCOLO Gives Lo-Fi Hip Hop A Shakeup on “Ain’t Shit Free”


Hailing from Germany, GREEN PICCOLO grew up on hip hop and was also deeply immersed in the local electronic scene. The producer intertwines those two sonic tastes to create trappy beats heard and felt all around the world. His latest release, “Ain’t Shit Free,” is a dark yet dynamic track out last week on independent French imprint Contre Jour.

GREEN PICCOLO manages to master a track that is so crisp yet so smooth at the same time. He’s a big part of the phonk scene, a hip-hop/trap subgenre with jazz influence, and it is a style that he impeccably emulates. “Ain’t Shit Free” has such an interesting flavor to it, pairing a trip hop production along with moody 808s and a snappy bassline. It’s an overall big time lo-fi vibe. 

You can listen to the track below. Enjoy!

GREEN PICCOLO – Ain’t Shit Free