GRiZ Finally Delivers Long-Awaited House Heater “Could U”

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King GRiZ is back at it again!  After playing and relentlessly teasing this track over the past month, the Denver legend has finally released the highly anticipated new banger titled “Could U” on AC Slater’s Night Bass label.

One of the highlights of 2019 was hearing GRiZ cook up some saucy house vibes, and we’re ecstatic to see him continue down that path with this latest track.  This heater starts off with a plucking guitar overtop a heartbeat bass kick.  A pattering bongo joins the fun as GRiZ starts seductively singing “Do you want me like I want you?” (Yes GRiZ, yes we do).  A fiery bass line and a reinforced drum kit add a rush of energy alongside the building vocals, and once the drop unloads that bone-rattling bass on top of a funky fresh four-on-the-floor beat, it is lights. out.

GRiZ knocks his first release of 2020 out of the park with this one.  I hope you’re ready to start your weekend off right, because ready or not, GRiZ’s “Could U” is here to take you to funk house heaven. Enjoy!