GRiZ Has Something Coming Soon


It’s been a while since we’ve heard from GRiZ online. While the TSIS favorite has been playing some incredible shows including Red Rocks lately, he’s been dark on social media since the beginning of the year after a series of cryptic messages before seemingly logging off. He had us wondering, Is GRiZ quitting music? Before his long absence from the internet, GRiZ shared one last video in the form of a powerful spoken word poem titled “It’s About Time We Talked.”

Now months later he’s shared a new message via Instagram that simply says “incoming transmission” on a blank piece of paper. It’s unclear what is coming, but we have a feeling it might be a new video.

Those of you who joined our panels at Electric Forest last month were part of a very special art performance from GRiZ. In the middle of him playing over 10+ sets throughout the weekend, he joined our second weekend takeover at the Brainery stage for what was on the schedule "GRiZ does an art thing."

He arrived with a VHS tape, put it in the TV and took a seat with fans in the audience while a new video played that appeared to be part two of his spoken word poem video from earlier. At the end he got up, ejected the VHS and lit it on fire on a bbq before leaving and simply saying “thank you.” We've got a quick clip 10 second clip of this below. We have a hunch we are going to see the full version of this video soon. Enjoy!


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