GRiZ Cryptically Announces Something New Coming This Week


GRiZ is back to his cryptic antics again, which can only mean one thing: something new is coming. The TSIS favorite has shared an “incoming transmission” message across all of his social media platforms, including a countdown on his own website that is set to complete this Thursday, November 1, at 2:00 PM MT.

Of course, we don’t know for sure what exactly he’s up to. The last time he hit us with an “incoming transmission” post, he shared his powerful spoken word poem “No Signal” just a few days later. We’re hoping that this may be the drop of his forthcoming album, considering he posted an update on his progress on that a couple months ago, but knowing GRiZ, it could be anything.

Until Thursday, we’ll be waiting patiently for whatever GRiZ has in store. He has a scheduled livestream on his Facebook page set for when the countdown ends, so be sure to set a reminder for yourself so you can tune in to see what he unveils.