GRiZ Launches 2 New Cannabis Lines with Products Named After His Songs

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GRiZ is back in the weed game. It didn’t seem that long ago when the Denverite was selling GRiZ Kush at local Native Roots dispensaries, but that was already way back in 2017! Today, GRiZ has a huge announcement. He’s launching two brand new cannabis lines: Astro Hippie, which will focus on premium, high-THC flower; Telescope will offer various CBD products including flower, edibles, and tinctures.

Astro Hippie will be debuting in Michigan, GRiZ’s home state. They’re starting off with three distinct strains, cultivated alongside industry veterans Pure Options. The three strains that will be available at launch are G-Funk, Mr. B OG, and Tie-Dye Medusa. According to a press release, each are “tested to guarantee maximum THC levels for lift-off.”

Telescope, which is more focused on wellness in general, will be available nationwide. These products will contain no THC. Telescope’s CBD hemp flower will be offered in three strains as well: Astronaut Ice Cream (sativa), Milky Way (indica), and Cosmic Candy (hybrid), which will be available in pre-rolled packs. Telescope will also be offering 10:1 CBD:THC gummies, which uses hemp-derived, Delta 9 THC. Those will be available in two flavors: Pineapple Upside Down Cake and Sunset Sorbet. Lastly, there is a 1000mg CBD tincture, aptly named Vibe Check.

For more info on these products you can check out each line’s respective website. Astro Hippie’s is here. Telescope’s is here.

GRiZ also has released a special introductory video for Astro Hippie. Check it below and enjoy!