GRiZ Makes Return On Powerful Spoken Word Poem “No Signal” Via Impressive New Video


After being dark on social media for months, GRiZ returned a couple days ago with a cryptic message simply saying “incoming transmission” without any further indication of what he has coming. We weren’t sure if it was new music, a big announcement, a new video or something else, but now he’s back with a brand new spoken word poem titled "No Signal" along with a powerful new video.

This year at Electric Forest we had the pleasure of taking over the new “Brainery” stage the second weekend where we hosted various panels, workshops and more which included “an art performance by GRiZ” where he debuted this new video for the first time. He walked up to a TV on stage, put in a VHS tape playing this new video before sitting in crowd amongst fans without saying a word. He then ejected the VHS, put it on a bbq grill and set it on fire before leaving. Fans were surprised and confused, but also inspired at the same time by the artistic vision GRiZ pours into everything he does.

This new video helps tell the story of GRiZ’s absence from the internet this year with the opening line saying “I almost forgot what it felt like to be alone. Im always accompanied by my phone and my best friends are pictures on a screen.” GRiZ powerful words are backed by keys from Break Science & Pretty Lights Band's Borahm Lee and brought to life in the incredible video done in collaboration between Laine Kelly, Jason Siegel, Ryan Berena and Grant himself. Enjoy!

GRiZ – No Signal

Written by Grant Kwiecinski
Piano by Borahm Lee
Directed by Grant Kwiecinski, Jason Siegel, Laine Kelly
Cinematography by Laine Kelly, Ryan Berena
With thanks to Hunter Leggit, Liam Moore