GRiZ Drops Final ‘Ouroboros’ EP Ahead of His Upcoming Hiatus

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GRiZ has the strongest work ethic out of anyone we’ve ever seen. Nobody deserves a break more than he does and we’re in full support of his upcoming hiatus from producing. His “farewell” tour is in full effect as he hosted his boutique camping festival Ursa Major and most recently rocked Denver with three iconic sets in the same day.

Now, GRiZ is giving fans one final gift in the shape of his new Ouroboros EP. The EP opens with an endearing farewell message from GRiZ himself on “ T A K E C A R E” before kicking off into the music. Ouroboros is a bit of a compilation of all the sounds of GRiZ over the years.

Drop In” and “Falling Flying” highlight his affinity for psychedelic wubs while “Is There Any Love” brings back the classic energy of Mad Liberation and Rebel Era. “Knucklepuck” sees him teaming up with Probcause once again before riding off into the sunset on “Better From Here.”

GRiZ also recently posted a video on social media letting fans know that he’s not retiring and will eventually return to music one day. We’re going to miss seeing GRiZ in the dance music community regularly but we couldn’t be more grateful for the memories he’s provided us throughout his career. Stream Ouroboros below and enjoy!

GRiZ – Ouroboros