GRiZ Outlines Concert Etiquette We Can All Agree With


All of us attend shows, concerts, and festivals to have a good time. There tends to be however, inevitably, a handful of folks who don’t know how to play by the rules. For most of us, it’s not that hard to be respectful, courteous, and kind. For some, these actions are met with great difficulty, and can take away from the generally positive experience of seeing live music.

The godfather of good vibes, GRiZ, is here to outline how to behave at shows to ensure that everybody is comfortable, safe, and having the best possible time. The Denverite took to social media today to list out general concert-going etiquette for his shows, which can also be applied to any event. These guidelines cover all the bases: supporting openers, moving through the crowd, consent, and more.

Check out GRiZ’s list of concert etiquette below.

Merry GRiZmas in July famo! It’s our first shows back so I wanted to take a moment to talk about our shows + etiquette again since we haven’t done this in a while! (A thread)


— RAINBOW BRAIN OUT NOW 🌈🧠 (@Griz) July 30, 2021

2/.. support acts

We are blessed with some amazing talent. Show up early and check out some new sounds! Cheer after songs end, throw them some love on social media if you were vibing, if you got front row make sure to show love and give em some energy! Let’s make em feel welcome

— RAINBOW BRAIN OUT NOW 🌈🧠 (@Griz) July 30, 2021

3/… general etiquette

When ur moving through the crowd, smiles and excuse mes cost nothing. Be kind to others space. Help eachother out, esp in the case of someone feeling uncomfortable. If you need a break take a break. Drink water it’s hot. Make new friends and b inclusive!

— RAINBOW BRAIN OUT NOW 🌈🧠 (@Griz) July 30, 2021

4/… merch

Yes we will have 🌈 🧠 merch at these shows. Yes some of it will selll out. No it’s not the end of the world. we will have those non limited styles online after the show. Pls be polite in line. Pls be kind 2 our merch sellers at the venue. They are working hard.

— RAINBOW BRAIN OUT NOW 🌈🧠 (@Griz) July 30, 2021

5/.. masks

You’re more than welcome to wear a mask. Pls respect ppls desires to do so. If you are feeling ill in any way pls stay home and sit this one out. Health over momentary fun every time. Be wise and make the right choice. It’s on everyone to make this space sustainable

— RAINBOW BRAIN OUT NOW 🌈🧠 (@Griz) July 30, 2021

6/… venue staff

Pls be kind and respectful to the venue staff and the venue itself. This space is not ur personal trash dump. The staff are not ur servants. We are gifted the experience of being here and blessed to be taken care of. We are guests and will respect our hosts.

— RAINBOW BRAIN OUT NOW 🌈🧠 (@Griz) July 30, 2021

7/.. sexual conduct

Flirting is not consent. A smile is not consent. Kindness is not consent. Your desire to dance w some1 is not consent. Intoxication is not consent. A hug is not an invitation for more. Consent is consent. Ask. Is this okay? Can I dance w you? Can I hug you?

— RAINBOW BRAIN OUT NOW 🌈🧠 (@Griz) July 30, 2021

8/.. driving

Don’t drink and drive. Don’t take drugs and drive. It’s not cool. It’s never worth it. It’s dangerous. We have uber. Your car can wait. You can wait for your Uber driver. Or lyft, whatever.

— RAINBOW BRAIN OUT NOW 🌈🧠 (@Griz) July 30, 2021

9/.. drug use

You can never take less. Having a bad trip? Tell someone and get to a safe space. Pls test ur shit. Bad drugs are everywhere. Pls keep an eye on ur friends. Are they okay? Do they need medical assistance? No shame in a bad trip game. It’s happened to me.

— RAINBOW BRAIN OUT NOW 🌈🧠 (@Griz) July 30, 2021


Yes… I know what ur thinking… he’s not my dad I can do what I want… no, I am your dad, you are at my show, I’m your captain dad and you’ll obey my rules. It’s my show. I’m your dad. that’s it. I love you.. but I’m dad. Ok ily see you there!! 😂 💜🌈

— RAINBOW BRAIN OUT NOW 🌈🧠 (@Griz) July 30, 2021