GRiZ Shares New Remix For Wu-Tang’s RZA + Drops GRiZMAS In JULY 2017 Playlist

Nowadays, numerous companies are turning to pop culture to help promote their brand. We see memes, vine stars and popular music used all the time in different types of campaigns, and it’s usually a hit or miss. Today, we’ve witnessed a hit with a new GRiZ's remix of a Chipotle x RZA musical endeavor.
Chipotle, which we all know as “guacamole costs extra?” has recently rolled out their latest campaign, “SAVOR.WAVS” which they describe as “A musical and visual experience inspired by Chipotle's real ingredients.” It seems that legendary Wu-Tang producer RZA has teamed up with the Mexican restaurant chain to create 51 unique sounds inspired by Chipotle’s 51 ingredients, that can be mixed and sequenced through an online creation software at Having already released remixes by AWOLNATION and even Wu-Tang Clan, GRiZ has now added his signature funky spin on things.
Listen to GRiZ’s SAVOR.WAVS remix below and make sure to check out his 2017 edition of GRiZMAS in JULY which just dropped today. Enjoy!

 GRiZMAS in JULY 2017


Also be sure to check out his GRiZMAS in JULY event this year:

Grizmas in July 2017