GRiZ Makes A Statement With Powerful Spoken Word Poem With Incredible Video


GRiZ is keeping us all on our toes. After cryptic messages and clearing his Instagram to only leave a picture of a blank sheet of paper, it had us wondering: Is GRiZ quitting music? Now he's caught us off guard by returning with a new video, but it's not exactly what we were expecting. 

He's shared a new video that's musical, but more like a powerful spoken word poem than a song. It's no secret that GRiZ is multi-talented artist, but it may not be as known that his artistic vision and passions go beyond music. Accompanied by a chill piano melody courtesy of Break Science and Pretty Lights Live Band's Borahm Lee, GRiZ finds himself on a stool, passionately reciting a powerful poem. The video is really amazingly done with one continuous camera shot while he puts his full emotion into his words brought to life by cartonish animations.

The poem repeats the phrase "It's about time we talked" a handful of times so perhaps he has an important discussion he needs to have with his fans… With all we've seen from him recently it still feels very possible he could be moving away from music, but we'll just have to wait and see. He ends saying "It's about time we talked, not yet, but soon" – we're not sure what it is he needs to talk about, but we're all ears. Enjoy!

GRiZ – It's About Time We Talked