GRiZ – The Future Is Now : Must Hear Dubstep / Electro Soul / Funk


If you are unfamiliar with GRiZ.. you should slap a little sense in yourself. He's the 22 year old electronic producer from Detroit that combines countless genres and sounds into every single one of his track, never getting confined to a single genre. As we wait for details on release date of his upcoming Mad Liberation album.. he drops another free track on us. Following up the sample based funk / groove BANGER "You Got To Change" and the heavy hitting moombah BANGER "Damian Marley – Welcome To Jamrock (GRiZ remix)".  This track "The Future Is Now" is on another level, it's something GRiZ calls "Groovestep" and "Future-Funk".. which essentially has the perfect amount of classic funk filled samples, mixed with his own recorded saxaphone, on top of incredibly crafted bass sounds that make you absolutely loose it. Cannot wait to hear more new GRiZ. Turn this up, find lots bass, enjoy!

GRiZ – The Future Is Now | Direct Download

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