GRiZ Launches New Harm Reduction & Drug Safety Program ‘The Harmony Project’

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Harm reduction and drug safety at music festivals and events is one issue that is becoming increasingly more important. With fentanyl overdoses becoming more common, it’s especially key to be prepared at places where recreational drug use is common. One artist who is being proactive in this area is none other than our current hometown hero, GRiZ.

Today, GRiZ announced that he is launching a new program called The Harmony Project. This initiative comes as a partnership with DanceSafe and the Good Night Out Van. The Harmony Project also focuses on ensuring a safe space at GRiZ’s events by offering services for those who are experiencing a situation where they do not feel safe.

The Harmony Project will debut at GRiZmas In July, one of GRiZ’s events that takes place in Michigan every year. The booth will be “super colorful and super loud,” and it will appear at every headlining GRiZ event.

You can watch GRiZ describe the initiative in his own words in the video below.

I’ve been looking for a way to reinforce that GRiZ shows are a safe space where we all can be ourselves, love one another, and maximize the good vibes all while respecting each other’s boundaries. this weekend at GIJ we are debuting the Harmony Project.

— 🔜GRIZMAS IN JULY!!! (@Griz) July 21, 2022