GRiZ Releases Funky New Song “Throwback”


Funky soul producer / DJ & Sax player GRiZ just released a brand new song out of nowhere titled "Throwback". There are elements of funk, hip-hop, trap, soul, and more in this potpourri of a track. From the effected vocals to the signature Sax solo GRiZ does alongside an unexpected marimba section you will be guessing till the end on this exciting 5 minute journey. Whatever you want to call it, it will have you replaying it after the very first listen. Stream below and look out for a free download in a few day. As always, enjoy!

GRiZ is also currently finishing up his Power in Numbers tour and will be embarking on festival run this summer. Check out all of his dates here.

GRiZ – Throwback | Free Download Coming Soon